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Sarah Silverman Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 32



5.0 star rating Scott from Boston, Massachusetts


Sarah's Opener Beth was terrific-can't wait for her Netflix special Sarah was very funny and we enjoyed some of her audience play, including the big guy with giggles she goofed with. Don't miss the next show!

5.0 star rating Sandra from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


She was funny , sharp , not too political All seats are good Great drink next door at Dino's

3.0 star rating Jennifer M from Washington, District of Columbia


I love Sarah Silverman & have watched all the shows, read her book & listened to the pod. I thought this show was meh. A few good laughs here and there - “My Sharon was the best one!” But overall not the clever comedy I expected. I actually thought her boyfriend Rory was more entertaining. Nevertheless a fun night out with my bestie.

3.0 star rating Lynn Rico from Chicago, Illinois


I like Sarah - hence why I paid 80/ticket (including fees). Show was just okay. Felt like it was a rehearsal - not a final show. Didn't even fill an hour. I saw another lesser known comic the month prior and the showed was packed with humor. Contrast was noticeable.

3.0 star rating Kathleen Campbell from Vancouver, British Columbia


Really disappointed. I've never seen her in concert before so maybe this was her style but really seemed liked a reversal than a show. Not prepared, reading notes. looking like she just woke up. Sudden end to show. Something is wrong here.

3.0 star rating Char from Vancouver, British Columbia


This show was a let down. It struck as someone testing new material at a comedy club not the polished professional show it should have been. Some good laughs but several easy reaches for a laugh. If the notebook she was referring to was suppose to be funny somehow, it fell flat and made her look like an amateur. Overall not a cohesive effort, just her rambling on sometimes funny, sometimes not.

3.0 star rating L from Seattle, Washington


I normally like her material, but this was about a 45 minute set that was mostly diarrhea and jew jokes. Sorry I'm not up on my Jewish stereotypes and I've outgrown easy toilet humor about 20 years ago.

3.0 star rating Anna from Toronto, Ontario


- very disappointing, Toronto show of 3200+ seats is not where you "work on" your set - it's where you bring your polished Netflix quality set - venue had everyone waiting 30+ mins to get in (it's COLD in Toronto in March FYI) - opener was "okay" (20 mins) and Sarah's show was only "slightly above okay" (50 mins)

2.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


For the price, she was practicing material. Would have liked a more polished refined shows. Reverted to common observations and easy jokes. Disappointed.

2.0 star rating Farrah from Chicago, Illinois


Appalled to see her use a notepad to read off her jokes...seemed odd. If it was supposed to be part of the humor, it made her look sub par versus prime time. Jokes were a little forced. She's funny ...but was a basic comedy show.

2.0 star rating Carolyn from Chicago, Illinois


We were disappointed and honestly a little worried about Sarah Silverman. Her constant use of notes and running through them like a checklist was amateur and not at all appropriate for a sold out show at the Chicago Theater on tour. It felt more like working out material versus the polished material and caliber of comedy I expected from a seasoned pro like her. If it was funnier that might have helped - but her show did not feel well planned or performed.

2.0 star rating Suzanne Spencer from Vancouver, British Columbia


The show was like she was working on material. Working on material should be for a Tuesday night unannounced drop in at a comedy club, not a headliner guest at a Just For Laughs festival. It was amateur at best… disappointed with the amount we paid for tickets. We expected more. Her act was not polished..her use of glasses and looking at notes might have been part of her act, but it felt insulting that she thought she could practice new material on us Vancouverites. Big fan… but not amused.

2.0 star rating Megan from Vancouver bc


We had higher hopes!! She kept looking at her note pad. We go to see stand up All the time and I’ve never seen anything like that. It was almost like she had a list of what to say. Didn’t flow, not her best work! See another show!

2.0 star rating Disgruntled fan from Vancouver, British Columbia


I love coming to JFL but this was by far the biggest let down from an international comedian who was acting very amateur and very unprepared. Why was she using a notebook to tell her jokes? At first I thought that was part of the act but she was using her reading glasses while she read. For the $$ we paid I felt very let down and will not see her in person again…should’ve stayed home and watched Netflix, the opening comedian was much better and should’ve had more stage time!

2.0 star rating Heather from Vancouver, British Columbia


I love going to to JFS in Vancouver but this was something else! I can't believe that Sarah used a notebook to tell her jokes and her stand up was only 40 min., that felt very amateur and unprofessional for an international comedy star that she is. I thought she was hilarious on TV and the stand up on Feb. 23 did not meet my expectations at all. I won't see her again in person and the other comedian who opened the show was much better!

2.0 star rating Beth from Seattle, Washington


I’m a huge Silverman fan, but damn, for $98 a ticket, I was really expecting a polished show. If you want to “workshop” your jokes, there are plenty of “two-drink-minimum” clubs to do that on Tuesday nights. Also, she didn’t even fill an hour! As she left the stage with a shrug and an “I did it! Bye!”, my partner and I just looked at each other, then our watches. Sorry Sarah. That’s unfortunately the last Silverman ticket I spend my hard earned money on.

2.0 star rating Anthony Adams from Kelseyville, CA


[not a review at the Chicago theater, but still thought this is Germaine. The moderator will decide] Saw the show at the Masonic in San Francisco. Long time fan of Sarah Silverman’s comedy and was super excited to see her live. Unfortunately, the performance was a very raw work in progress. Nothing wrong with a work in progress but I’d expect to see that in a club with a cover charge or a two drink minimum entry. This show was billed as a tour with a title suggesting a (at least) mostly polished show. We spent about two hundred dollars expecting to see that mostly polished performance and instead sat next to 2500 or so other ticket holders who seemed to get as much if not more enjoyment yelling down a very stupid rude heckler who took issue with Sarah mocking the concept of the non-existence of hell. Really, why was that person there? Did she stumble into the theater directly from her catechism class having never heard of Sarah Silverman? I wish the show had been more “tour” ready. Still a fan, but disappointed in that performance

2.0 star rating Cindy from Toronto, Ontario


Shame on Sarah Silverman and shame on Meridian hall for allowing a rating of “all ages” for a performance on a Sunday evening during elementary/high schools’ March break. Like really!?! Nothing else stated on what the show content would be so it led us to believe this would be a good laugh for all ages when it was nothing more than an embarrassment. I’m Rating 2 starts for “some” of the humour but it was truly ridiculously dirty and off-side. She makes Russell Peters look like a walk in a cherry blossom park - perhaps what she is going for but still… MARKET IT THAT WAY! Tell your audience, “don’t fork over your money unless you wanna hear raw, unedited and extremely disgusting humour. That would be ok! I honestly thought we were going to be listening to a role model type comedian making fun of the world & setting an example of a strong woman with a great attitude in a world full of chaos. But I was absolutely mistaken. Sorry Sarah. You’re a bit much - even for me! And that says a lot

2.0 star rating Christina from Phoenix, Arizona


I attended on Mother's Day with my adult daughter and sat in the second row. I have always been a fan of her comedy and political stance. In my opinion, this 7:00pm performance, she gave minimal effort with no enthusiasm, almost as if she was tired and just getting through the hour. I guess I expected fun Mother's day jokes and interaction with the woman in the audience-jewish mother jokes, etc. none of that-instead mostly stale and worn out monotone and flat-some condescending banter with a few vocal guests-a bit uncalled for and snarky. I wouldn't spend any more $$ to see her again, especially not the $250 that I spent for my tickets. The opening act was good.

2.0 star rating CP from San Jose, California


I hate to say it, but the show last night was underwhelming to put it nicely. I love Sarah and have been a fan since Jesus Is Magic (almost 20 years!), but this was not a good show at all. Her opening act (Rory, her boyfriend) clearly "phoned it in," getting only mild chuckles from his unpolished bits meant to 'crush it,' as he said, but I thought Sarah would knock it out of the park—unfortunately no. She also clearly "phoned it in" too with unpolished jokes and barely a crowd response beyond a handful of chuckles. Not a single hard laughing joke from either of them the whole night. Why was this a tour, when it was clearly unprepared? The jokes should be tested prior to going on the road. Honestly, I would like my money and time back, but the venue was gorgeous, so there's that. 1 star extra for the venue.

1.0 star rating Kathy from DC


She wasn’t the least bit funny. Very disappointed

1.0 star rating Greg from Chicago, Illinois


She had a notebook to read from and this was very half baked. Material is like halfway there to being full concept jokes. Tells half a story, then says she doesn’t have a punchline worked out yet. What? Very political. Lazy. I think every hitler joke has been done btw. Go to an open mic night and practice. Going to Chicago theater isn’t the venue for that. Wont see her again.

1.0 star rating Jennifer from Chicago, IL


Rory’s opening act was fantastic and engaging. Sarah’s brief 45 min performance was filled with odd bits of comedy. She kept referring to her notepad to help her recall what was next. No flow from one thought to next and sadly very little laughs.

1.0 star rating Toby from Chicago, Illinois


I would've happily paid a $20+ cover at the Comedy Store only to be surprised when a "Big" comic like Sarah showed up to work on some new material, bc that's where this act belongs. For someone of her caliber to charge $100s only to perform a 40+min spitball session was totally disrespectful to her fans. I love her polished comedy and was very excited to see her and spent extra to sit in the 4th row, but this was a total let down. We don't owe you in this scenario, you owe us. That's the deal. I thought for sure after her new stuff she would revert to some polished material but she never did. Maybe she wasn't feeling the crowd because we weren't totally into her. She closed with a short prepared piece that tied into her merch, that was mildly amusing. Then ended and we left feeling like "That was it?!" Rory was average at best. He was pandering, HARD, on woke platitudes probably thinking "Chicago. Liberal. They must be like a Kimmel audience." I'll never understand a man-hating man.

1.0 star rating John M from Mount Vernon, Washington


Boy was I excited to see some cutting edge snarky good comedy. Familiar with her work, but boy this show was a dud. Had an opening act that was 1/10, and Sarah came on and only ran maybe hour and 10 minutes. Jokes were not funny, didn't see many people really laughing very hard. She was unprepared, and brought a notepad out on stage. Had notepad on the stool and would stop and look down on it to remind herself of things she wanted to cover. What comedian does that? The flow of the material was choppy and awkward. Buddy and I left and agreed it was a big letdown. I came from Mount Vernon, got a hotel, parking etc. Big expensive evening for no laughs. Maybe hopefully Bill Maher will be better in April.

1.0 star rating Michael Spicer from Seattle, Washington


What a lazy extremely short set. Sarah generally blends low IQ poop jokes with higher-minded politically conscious humor. She missed the mark entirely. Every last one of my friends who attended what complained. People in the elevator on the way to the parking garage were saying that they wanted a refund. Sarah was stating that it's now socially acceptable to call people queer was two decades off. The opening act was rank, her suicide jokes were tasteless. Sarah was uninspired, unintelligent, and not at all relevant. I'm incredibly disappointed and would like my 200 plus dollars back for my boyfriend and I.

1.0 star rating Mandey from Seattle, Washington


Extremely disappointed with her show and it only lasted 45 minutes. DONT WASTE UR MONEY!

1.0 star rating V from Oakville, Ontario


Disgusting "show"... Impossible to go below that level... Everything revolved around low-brow jokes about Jews, personal hygiene, politics... Very gross and tasteless. My wife and I ran out of there 15 minutes after the beginning... And the audience was especially surprising, laughing at all this muck...

1.0 star rating Rich from Long Island, NY


All the reviews I’ve read here match my experience at the 3/15 Huntington NY show. Opener was on for 20 minutes and was OK. Sarah was on for 50 minutes. I usually love her act, but the show was weak. Unprepared, unorganized. Mumbling out loud as she forgot bits that were supposed to be part of a stream of jokes…a clipboard of notes…$88 bucks a ticket for not too much…

1.0 star rating Adam from Nashville, Tennessee


Guys trip wanting to have a beer and a laugh. I knew she was Liberal but most stars are. We didn’t care, just wanted to hear some good jokes at the Ryman in Nashville. WOW! IT was all about no God, killl babies and old Jew tales. I don’t care if you believe different than me but we laughed 2 times for the whole show. Please do not waste the money for this show. She should give money back!

1.0 star rating Sam Jones from Boston, Massachusetts


Going into the show, huge Sarah Silverman fan. And that she’s from NH, gotta see her. Drove two hours to watch her 45 minute lack luster, flat, rehearsal quality performance. Sometimes performers reach a point that they under-appreciate and feel superior to their audience and can shovel out low quality work because their star power will bring in the bucks. Don’t care to ever see her perform again on any venue. If you have tickets to an upcoming show, do yourself a favor - sell them.

1.0 star rating Jeremy from Detroit, Michigan


I don't know how she will have enough material for her special. I'm usually a big fan of hers. This show was boring and rarely funny. The 50 minutes were about 45 too long. Most people outside were glad it was over.


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